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Mylee Staicey sets her dowry at Sh800 billion

Mylee Staicey, the ex-girlfriend of Kenyan singer Weezdom, has made public the colossal sum of money that all her potential suitors should be ready to fork out in dowry.

The Internet sensation also revealed that her DMs are filled with men who are looking to win her heart following her breakup with Weezdom.

The content creator shared a sample of proposals, before disclosing that her dowry is Sh800 billion.

This was before a screenshot of a man simping for the beauty emerged on social media.

He gushed over Mylee in the message that read: “Hi am ****from Kenya and I saw your photo and it turned me on if you are not dating I would like you to be my wife. I really like you to be honest.”

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To this Mylee responded, “You guys! Every time I go through my inbox I just laugh coz heee! Mtakuwa tu direct hivi straight to marriage. LMAO My dowry payment is 800 billion almost a trillion.”

“Utawezana,” she asked men to react to the amount she quoted.

Her ex-fiancée Weezdom was among those who reacted to the post.

“Huyu ni mtu wa ocha kibwezi acha tuone atatrend for how long na hio miaka yake that Huan😂😂😂😂” he commented.

Mylee split from her lover Weezdom just days after he proposed to her on a TV reality show.

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Weezdom disclosed that, despite his best efforts to defend their love, he was forced to call it quits because Mylee Staicey had disrespected his mother.

However, last month, Weezdom publicly apologized to Mylee Staicey to win her back.

Weezdom made the plea in the latest episode of the reality show “Take Me Home,” breaking down to expressing his regrets. The musician said he still loves and cherishes Mylee Stacey.

“Sometimes we’re on, sometimes we’re off. Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re not. Sometimes we’re together, sometimes we’re apart. But no matter what, you’re always in my heart,” he said.

On her part, Mylee Stacey said she entered the reality show with the hoping of fixing their broken relationship.

This isn’t the first time the couple has broken up, and some of their fans believe they will soon get back together again.

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