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Mysterious death of top government boss: Remains unearthed 12 years after disappearance

The perplexing case of the missing former Managing Director of Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA), Silvanos Tubei, took a startling turn last Sunday, December 30, when human remains believed to be his were discovered at his Chepkurmum farm in Keiyo South Sub County.

The chilling revelation unfolded as children from the neighbourhood, on a firewood gathering expedition, stumbled upon the remains in a shallow grave at Tubei’s residence. Preliminary reports indicate that a worker engaged in routine cleaning raised the alarm after the children accidentally uncovered the partially buried blanket concealing the human remains.

“On December 31, neighbour’s children who were on a firewood fetching expedition in the compound pulled out a piece of blanket protruding from the ground, exposing the remains. The matter was promptly reported to the local chief,” said witnesses.

Keiyo South OCPD Abdulahi Dahir confirmed the incident, shedding light on a missing person’s report filed by Tubei’s relatives that had remained unresolved for over a decade. Notably, two individuals, including his estranged wife, were previously held for questioning in 2012 as they faced trial over Tubei’s disappearance. However, a lack of evidence led to their release.

Dahir mentioned that the Directorate of Criminal Investigation officers had cordoned off the scene, awaiting court orders to exhume the remains for DNA testing. This crucial step aims to definitively establish whether the recovered human remains indeed belonged to the long-missing KVDA Director.

Amid the unfolding investigation, concerns have surfaced regarding Tubei’s second wife, who, upon her acquittal in the earlier trial, reportedly left the homestead.

Suspicions among villagers suggest she might have played a role in Tubei’s disappearance and potential demise, with claims of her discovering Tubei’s mobile phone adding an eerie layer to the unfolding mystery.

Witnesses in the area recall Tubei resorting to heavy drinking as a coping mechanism to avoid conflicts with his estranged wife before his reported disappearance.

As the investigation intensifies, the enigmatic circumstances surrounding Tubei’s last moments continue to captivate the community, leaving unanswered questions lingering in the air.