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How mystery ‘KDF’ man gained access to Governor Obado’s PA in police cell

By JUSTUS OCHIENG September 9th, 2018 2 min read

Investigations into the murder of Rongo University student Sharon Otieno took a fresh twist after a mystery man gained access to Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo at the Homa Bay police cell after duping officers on duty that he was a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) official.

It is not clear how the man tricked detectives and gained access to Mr Oyamo, the only suspect so far arrested in Ms Otieno’s murder.

According to a senior detective privy to the ongoing investigations, the man identified himself as a KDF official dispatched to Homa Bay County to “help in the ongoing investigations as Mr Oyamo is a former disciplined forces’ officer”.

“Because we know Mr Oyamo left the forces, the man was granted access to meet him but not alone. He met him in the presence of a CID officer and I cannot tell for how long,” the official told Sunday Nation.


A search on phone application, Truecaller, revealed the man’s identity as Lukas Ouko, mobile phone number 0722586506.

When reached on the phone, the man who sounded infuriated, questioned how the writer had obtained his mobile phone number.

“Where have you got my phone number? Who has given it to you?,” he posed. When asked whether KDF had a case against Mr Oyamo, he said: “Hatuna kesi na Oyamo (We don’t have a case against Oyamo),” he said.

When reached for comment on whether KDF had dispatched a team of officers or an individual to Homa Bay to question Mr Oyamo, Military spokesman Col Paul Njuguna answered in the negative.

“KDF has not dispatched a team or an individual to Homa Bay for any reason,” he said.

“If anyone or a group of people are purporting to be from KDF, they are fraudsters and should be reported to the police,” the Military spokesman added.


When Sunday Nation reached the purported KDF official moments after 6pm for further queries, his cell phone had been switched off.

The man’s motive raises concerns among the investigating team coming only days after the main suspect in the shooting of a former Garissa County official died inside a cell at Parklands Police Station.

Police spokesman Owino Wahongo said David Mwai, committed suicide, but did not give details of the circumstances.

The suspect had been arrested alongside three other people after police reviewed a CCTV footage extracted from surveillance cameras at the scene where Mr Idris Mukhtar, who is currently admitted in the Intensive Care Unit at a Nairobi hospital, was shot.

Mr Oyamo is the person who met Ms Otieno and Nation journalist Barack Oduor at Graca Hotel in Rongo, Migori County, hours before she was driven away by unknown persons and murdered in a thicket.


Mr Oyamo had told the deceased and Mr Oduor that he wanted to meet them and give them Mr Obado’s side of the story the journalist was investigating.

He initially suggested that they meet at Rodi Kopany but later changed the venue to the Rongo hotel.

When he eventually arrived at Graca Hotel, Mr Oyamo said he was uncomfortable and requested that they move to another venue. He proceeded to pay the bill.

He then led Ms Otieno and Mr Oduor into a waiting car which drove out of the hotel but stopped a few meters away, upon which he alighted and some two men entered the vehicle and sandwiched the duo in the back seat. The vehicle then sped away