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How did this mystery man remain unmoved during M-Pesa shop robbery?

The puzzling conduct of a yet to be identified man, who was caught up at the middle of a robbery at an M-Pesa shop, has stunned Kenyans on social media.

In the viral three-minute clip the man in question, donning a dark jacket, remains unmoved even as two gangsters storm the shop, threaten customers with a pistol, smash a window pane to access the safe and loot money alongside other valuables.

The video starts with what seems to be business as usual at the shop with the attendant simultaneously serving two male customers.


A woman and the mysterious man are seen seated next to each other as if in queue to be served. Occasionally, they are seen talking to each other.

Suddenly, the two thugs are seen walking into and subduing everyone inside the shop. One of them uses a hammer to smash the window pane and forcefully gain entry into the shop attendant’s cubicle.

Shortly the second gangster joins his colleague inside the cubicle using a side door.

However, it is the conduct of the mystery man that comes out as strange. He strikes an indifferent poise, seemingly oblivious of the robbery that is in progress.

In stark contrast two other customers in the shop, including the woman who was seated next to the man, appear shaken as they attempt to scamper for safety.

As the robbery plays itself out, the woman who ducked to the floor when the gangsters struck, is seen slowly slithering underneath a chair to take cover.


Meanwhile, the mysterious man remains calm and collected on his seat, betraying no hint whatsoever of fear or panic.

Moments later, the thugs exit the shop through the main door. But just as the customers attempt to rush out, they suddenly cringe and take cover again, perhaps at the sound of gunshots.

Everyone in the shop appears frightened, except the mystery man, who barely moves flinches through out the entire episode.

Nairobi News could however not establish where the bizarre incident happened.