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Mystery of pregnant woman with tear gas at police station

The rare sight of pregnant officer caught on camera carrying tear gas canisters at Pangani police station on Wednesday has left many in awe.

The unidentified officer appeared unperturbed by the traffic of relatives and friends who were at the station to visit Members of Parliament held over alleged hate speech.

Under normal police practise, pregnant officers are not deployed to any riot activity or to quell public disorder. Such assignments are considered too risky for them because of the possibility of physical harm or inhaling tear gas, which may subsequently cause complications to the pregnancy.

The pregnant officer in a yellow maternity dress appeared to be enjoying a fun moment with her female colleague who was in anti-riot gear.



Pregnant officers are routinely assigned back-office duties in the records department where they issue abstracts and permits to the public.

They can also be in the crime office to write statements from members of the public, or at the gender and children’s desk to handle cases of defilement and rape.

Pregnant officers are not allowed to attend promotion-related courses or training.

And as the baby bump continues to grow, officers are allowed to wear civilian clothes, but can not deal with front office duties.