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‘Mzabibu’ creator, Zabron Ndale: Viral song was released 10-years ago

Mijikenda community’s musical gem, Zabron Ndale, has taken social media by storm with his hit song, “Mimi Ni Mzabibu.”

The infectious tune, which translates to “I am the vine, the father is the farmer,” has ignited a dance craze known as the Mzabibu dance challenge.

Social media enthusiasts, particularly on TikTok, have embraced this trend with enthusiasm, showcasing their dance prowess and rhythmic hip-shaking skills in response to the catchy beats.

The Mzabibu dance challenge has become a canvas for creativity, with participants offering a myriad of interpretations, resulting in a flood of amusing and imaginative dance videos.

Zabron Ndale, the musical maestro behind the viral sensation, disclosed in a recent interview that he released the song a decade ago in 2014.

Expressing gratitude for the song’s unexpected comeback, he attributed its success to the grace of God and emphasized his rightful ownership of the musical masterpiece.

“It is just the grace of God. I released the song in 2014. The song comes from the book of John 15, and that is where the inspiration comes from. I hold all the rights to this song. The song has attracted styles that I never imagined,” Zabron Ndale remarked.

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Addressing the quirky dance moves associated with the song, Zabron humorously hinted at releasing an official music video to guide fans on the correct dance steps and deter them from their amusing interpretations.

“The styles make you wonder if this is a gospel song. They are doing it for fun, but, for me, it is a serious song even though it is still in audio. I will release a video of the song so that people can stop dancing those funny moves.”

While expressing a desire to share more of his musical creations, Zabron Ndale acknowledged financial constraints hindering the release of additional songs.

He extended an appeal to potential supporters, stating, “I attend events to perform my songs, but if anyone can support me in releasing more songs, I will be grateful.”

As “Mimi Ni Mzabibu” continues to dominate social media timelines, Zabron Ndale’s decade-old creation has found new life