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Nadia Mukami: Finding the perfect balance between music, motherhood and philanthropy

At just 27 years old, Nadia Mukami has already made her mark in the music industry as a singer and founder of Sevens Creative Hub. Beyond her artistic achievements, she juggles motherhood and a thriving business, while also dedicating herself to philanthropy through her Lola and Safari Foundation.

Here is her take on how it all fits together.

I really love children; I would love to have more but I don’t have the time, so I have dedicated my Lola and Safari Foundation to helping children in need.

What I mean when I say I don’t have time is that, apart from being a mother, I have businesses that I have to take care of. A saloon I run, a music centre and my own music career. All these things take time.

That is why I am not planning to increase my brood any time soon. It will probably be another three or four years before I can think about having another child.

I am sure that if I were a stay-at-home mum, I would have had quite a few children by now because I would have had enough time to bring them up.

Co-parenting with my fiancé, Arrowboy, has been amazing. He is so supportive. As we are both artists, we understand the pressures that come with our jobs and it is good when your spouse sees that and steps in to help.

He cooks for me sometimes, even though I cook a lot. Last Sunday I was supposed to take our child to a children’s event, I had a gig and he stepped in.

Arrowboy is a family man. I give it to him, the little or much he makes, he makes sure he takes care of us, me and our son.

And that doesn’t mean we don’t fight just because we’re in public. Every couple does that, it’s part of life, but what’s important is that you respect and love each other.

Since I started the Lola Foundation, my aim has been to help less privileged young mothers.

So far, I’m supporting one girl, an orphan, who is currently at college, out of my own pocket.

And no, I am not using the foundation to make money from donors and sponsors. I’m already earning enough from my music business to support myself. All I am doing is giving back.

If there is one thing I have learnt in my journey as a musician, it is that fame is an opportunity. You have to look at it that way. I use mine to create business partnerships.

Something most people don’t know about me is that I really enjoy reading and listening to motivational content. It’s how I relax.

I also love a glass of wine.

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