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Nadia Mukami frustrated by botched 40k eyebrow ‘treatment’

Singer Nadia Mukami recently voiced her frustration after a botched eyebrow treatment left her dissatisfied with her appearance.

The artist, known for her melodious tunes and stylish looks, took to social media to share her disappointment with her fans.

Having been eager to try the popular combo Ombre eyebrows treatment, Nadia’s excitement quickly turned into disappointment as the procedure took an unexpected turn.

The mother of one revealed that despite paying a hefty sum of sh40,000 for the treatment, her experience was far from satisfactory.

She expressed her dismay at the outcome, claiming that her eyebrows were improperly done.

“Guuys kimeniramba proper. Today someone said I can make you sh40k eyebrows but I almost went to jail today. I don’t know why in Nairobi you find people doing things they don’t know how to do. I can’t tag them since I do not want you to troll them.”

Here is why some celebrities prefer

Time-Saving: As celebrities juggle various commitments, having well-groomed eyebrows without the need for constant touch-ups can be a significant time-saver.

Combo ombre brows require less maintenance compared to traditional makeup routines.

Confidence Boost: Having well-done combo ombre eyebrows can boost a celebrity’s confidence. Feeling good about their appearance can translate into a more confident demeanor both on and off camera.

Personal Preference: Ultimately, celebrities, like anyone else, choose their beauty treatments based on personal preference. Combo ombre eyebrows may align with their individual style and desired look.

In 2021, gospel singer Guardian Angel paid KSh 40k for his wife, Musila to get a permanent eyebrow revamp.

“My dear husband decided to surprise me by giving me an eyebrow revamp. I had a tattoo underneath but it has been covered. This procedure costs Ksh 40k only, we women are expensive but we have to look good, cheap is expensive,” she said.

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