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Nadia Mukami: I was a bookworm in high school

Kenyan sensation Nadia Mukami recently took a trip down memory lane, treating her legions of fans to a glimpse of her high school days through a captivating series of throwback photos. 

The multi-talented artiste, known for her chart-topping hits and infectious charisma, surprised many with her revelation that she used to be a bookworm during her time in high school.

In a nostalgic Instagram post that quickly gained traction, Nadia shared her high school experience with a candid and relatable tone. The post featured an image from her days at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (formerly known as the Kenya Institute of Education), where her father had been employed. The photograph shows a young Nadia, earnestly pursuing knowledge in the institution’s library during her holidays.

“I was a bookworm when I was in high school!” Nadia said.

She also recounted her academic prowess, saying she excelled in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Kiswahili, but struggled with the humanities.

Nadia’s journey from an ardent student to a renowned artiste has been nothing short of remarkable.

“How I became an artiste, bado sijui,” she quipped, suggesting that her artistic destiny was perhaps an unexpected twist in her life story.

She also revealed that during her high school years, she never wore tight trousers and didn’t have a boyfriend.

“I was the type Education is better than money! How I became an artist bado sijui😁 I was the type siezi vaa tight trousers, no boyfriend till I clear school😁😂najua mnajua Hao watu,” she said.

The revelation of her high school persona struck a chord with her followers, who affectionately embraced the dichotomy between her then and now.

Nadia’s transformation from the diligent, academically-inclined student to the glamorous, chart-topping artiste she is today serves as an inspiring tale to many of her loyal followers. 

Her success as a musician is a testament to her unwavering determination and relentless pursuit of her dreams. Her incredible journey has seen her release hit after hit, captivating audiences with her mesmerizing voice and captivating stage presence. Her songs have not only topped the charts but also touched the hearts of countless fans across Kenya and beyond.

While the world may know her for her musical talents, Nadia’s high school throwback photos have provided a fresh glimpse into her early life. Her candid admission about being a bookworm resonates with the idea that success is often born out of hard work and dedication.

Nadia is a mother of one, a son named Kai whom she shares with her boyfriend singer Arrow Bwoy. She is also a trail-blazing entrepreneur owning assets, which she has not shied away from flaunting on her social media. She is one of the most successful Kenyan female artistes.