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Nadia Mukami makes ‘richest female artist in East Africa’ claim

Award-winning Kenyan singer Nadia Mukami has sensationally referred to herself as the richest female artiste in East Africa.

She made the bold claim at the unveiling of the 2023 Trace Awards.

The celebrated artist shared her perspective on wealth investments, and the subtle influence of social media bots.

She further expressed her financial confidence, emphasizing her invesment in properties.

She asserted that her substantial investments placed her ahead of her contemporaries in terms of financial success.

“I’m on my own level. In terms of money, I don’t think there is a female artiste who has more money than me in Tanzania,” Nadia confidently stated.

“Some of us don’t talk, but the land that we have, if we start showing title deeds, people will run away. In terms of money, assets, investments – assets especially, I don’t think there is a female artiste in East Africa.”

Nadia Mukami’s declaration resonated with her upbringing, as she hails from Mwihoko, a Nairobi suburb, a region where she had witnessed people quietly amassing wealth.

She emphasized that true wealth doesn’t always make noise and suggested that her financial accomplishments are a testament to her hard work and smart investments.

However, when it came to online metrics such as YouTube views and social media followers, Nadia Mukami acknowledged that some artists may surpass her due to the use of bots to artificially inflate their numbers.

“In terms of YouTube views, yes, some artists can beat me because some use bots to manipulate views and followers,” she explained.

Nadia’s claim echoes a recent incident involving Akothee who was previously listed among the richest African artistes.

She demanded to be removed from the list, stating that she had surpassed that stage of her career.

She insisted that she should be included in the list of the richest people, considering her extensive wealth management.

“Now, who put me on this list? Remove me from this list completely. I was on the list of the rich for a while, brother. I manage my wealth. I don’t like small harm,” Akothee said.

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