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Nadia Mukami: Why I don’t want my son to become a musician

Singer Nadia Mukami says she does not want her son, Kai to be a musician like his parent.

In an interview on The Trend with Amina Abdi, the singer shared her reservations about her son following in his parents’ footsteps and becoming a musician.

Reflecting on the challenges she has encountered as a musician, Nadia expressed her desire to shield her child from similar difficulties.

Nadia pointed out the challenges of her career, saying she would prefer her son to pursue a career in law instead.

“Music is tough. I envision him being a lawyer in the future. I feel the pressure and challenges that come with being an artiste, and I wouldn’t want my child to go through the same experiences,” she said.

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On the other hand,  Nadia’s baby daddy and lover, Arrow Bwoy expressed a more open-minded perspective.

Arrow Bwoy said he looks forward to seeing improvements within the industry before their son reaches adulthood and makes his own career decisions.

Arrow Bwoy affirmed their commitment to supporting their son’s dreams, saying if their son so chooses to become a musician, they would fully support him in his aspirations.

“We will support his dream. Talent is good and if he wants s to be a musician we will support him fully,” he said.

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Nadia also shared the joys of motherhood.

“My son talks and laughs a lot. I am appreciating the journey. I am super excited and having a baby is so good. He wakes me up very early and nowadays I am like the last person to go to sleep. He sleeps at midnight and wake up at 7am,” she said.

Nadia and Arrow Bwoy recently launched their Love & Vibes EP.

The couple also said they are considering doing a reality show for their fans.

“Our fans wanted a reality show from us but we ended up doing an EP. For us to do a reality show, we would have to milk it,” the couple said.

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