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‘Nai Ni Who’ festival returns to Nairobi

Nairobi is set to host the Nai Ni Who festival which kicks off on July 16 and runs over the next two months.

Nai Ni Who, an initiative by the GoDown Arts Centre, aims at showcasing the diverse cultures in Nairobi as the county’s various neighborhoods interact to share Nairobi history and stories, celebrating its people and their neighborhood assets and culture.

“Since its launch in 2013, the festival has catalyzed residents of Nairobi to engage with both the positive and challenging aspects of the city, with a view of expressing pride for and ownership of the city and to promote the Nairobi culture,” said Judy Ogana from the GoDown Arts Center.


Nai Ni who 2016 will include action in the neighborhoods of Kibera, Kamukunji and the South B Mukuru. There will also be activities in the city centre, comprising free city walking tours in the weekends, led by youthful guides.

The festival also aims at creating awareness around identity and belonging in the city.

Already lined up by the neighborhoods are parades, concerts, clean-up activities, markets and sports events.

Children from Nairobi’s city schools will also have a chance to know their city through visits organized for them by the Nai Ni Who festival to the National Park, Karura Forest and other destinations.

The festivities will kick off on Saturday in Kibera and later move on to other neighborhoods.