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Nairobbery: Nine ways to stay safe in city centre

By NAIRA HABIB January 24th, 2018 2 min read

The capital city has recently been plagued by rising crime, with many residents giving personal testimonies of being mugged even during daytime.

A story carried by Daily Nation revealed how muggers move in gangs and, after singling out their victim,  surround the person leaving no room for escape.

They then proceed to take whatever valuables one has.

Although Governor Mike Sonko has formed an anti-mugging squad to help mitigate the issue, here are a few ways one can observe to help them stay safe in the city.

Never use an ATM after 6pm – Use an ATM at night only… if there is an emergency but. The night draw’s out a lot of unscrupulous people whom you do not want to draw their attention to you.

Walk with a friend whenever possible – There is always safety in numbers. One person is a much easier target that a crowd.

Avoid dark alleys – Do not go looking for trouble and then later cry innocence.

Read your surroundings – It is very important to understand the area you are in. This will help you notice weird things happening that you have never seen before.

Stop wearing headphones while walking in the streets – A lot of people are guilty of this. It allows the predator to close in on you without you knowing.

Leave your wallet at home – Have budgets for  daily expenditure. It allows you to carry the exact amount. It also helps you to being disciplined and avoid overspending.

Learn some basic self-defense – It is important to be able to put down an attacker so as to allow you time to escape.

Do not use the same route always – Routines are not good, they make you comfortable and that is what the attacker wants.

Avoid crowds that are not familiar to you – Some members of crowds do not always have good intentions.


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