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Nairobi chokes in garbage weeks after take over by national govt

When Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko surrendered the four functions to the national government due to his corruption cases pending in court, many Nairobians had high hopes.

The transfer brought with it hopes of a changing city to better days but that was short-lived.

Three weeks on, the city is still choking in garbage as the contractors hired to clean the city went on a go-slow due to unpaid salaries.

A pile of uncollected garbage thrown at a public garbage site located along Luthuli Avenue. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

A spot check of most city streets revealed the grave situation on the ground; certain garbage bins set up in specific street corners have overflowing garbage which over time get blown to the streets piece by piece.

Garbage bins placed around Ambassaduer Hotel bus stop, Luthuli venue, Kenya National Archives and Mr Price public walkway have overflowing garbage left uncollected since the go-slow.

City residents walk past a pile of uncollected garbage thrown at a public garbage site located at the Kenya National Archives and Ambassaduer Hotel walkway. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

Along Tom Mboya at the Kiambu bus stop up to Tuskys Supermarket, waste papers litter the road being after being blown to the streets. The situation is similar in River Road and Kirinyaga Road.

Days when Nairobians would walk on clean sidewalks, empty dustbins and less dusty pavements seem to be slowly fading away.

A pile of uncollected garbage of sacks and waste paper thrown on the street along Tom Mboya at the Kiambu Bus stop. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

With the cases of coronavirus in the country now at seven, the cleanliness of the city is paramount to avoid more cases rising up.