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Nairobi County braces for impending El Nino

September 13th, 2015 2 min read

With fears of an impending El Nino, Nairobi City County says it has deployed 400 youth in Nairobi’s South C to clear and unclog blocked drainage systems in the area.

According to Nairobi County Executive for infrastructure and Roads, Mohamed Abdulahi, the County Government is currently repairing drainages systems in the area with plans also in place to improve the system which has become obsolete.

“South C  is one of the areas likely to be affected when the rains commence. Whatever mitigation elements we are advising must be adhered to irrespective of what the content of the pending comprehensive report may be in respect to the expected rainfall,” Abdulahi said during a during a stakeholder public participation forum in  South C at the Muslim Academy.

As part of plans to caution city residents on how to cope with the eminent catastrophe the county government is meeting Nairobi residents to conduct public awareness campaigns.


The county has also assured Nairobi residents that Nairobi City County Government was planning major improvements of drainage systems on Muhoho road and South C River.

“We have deployed 400 young men and women to commence works. This will not only happen in South C, but in the whole of Nairobi since there has been flooding issues arising in the County over the past months,” Abdulahi said.

“We have also put in place plans for the removal solid waste which blocks the drainage system as well as widen and deepen existing drainages. I urge Nairobi area residents to assist the County in ensuring the disposal of solid waste is minimal for it to be easy for water to flow through our respective systems.”

The County Assembly is looking into drafting a bill which will revoke all licenses of properties that have contravened City laws especially those utilizing public lands on temporary basis.

The County has also set aside funds for the installation of street lights. South C is set to be a major beneficiary of the rehabilitation of street lighting in the city with an aim of revitalizing the 24 hour economy as well as reducing insecurity incidences.