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Nairobi County Reps give nod for car, house loans

Nairobi County assembly members made last minute amendments before pushing through a motion to speed up their car and mortgage loans.

The committee on delegated county legislation’s Pius Kotieno (Sarangombe) moved a motion within a motion to increase the number of county assembly members who will sit in a committee that will negotiate the terms of the loan.

The members had expressed fears that they stood to get raw deal if only three people represented their interests.

Tough conditions

They also expressed fears that the financial institution selected to manage the fund would impose tough conditions. 

Mr Peter Imwatok, who was thrown out during the debate, had sought to warn members that loans had consequences and pleaded with the House to suspend enactment of the law until they understood its implications.

He was ordered out after he claimed that the County Clerk was planning to single-source a financial institution to offer the loans.