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Nairobi court fines Arsenal ‘fan’ for not properly wearing mask

A man donning an Arsenal jersey is among dozens fined by a Nairobi court for breaking Covid-19 rules.

Justus Musila appeared before Kibera Law courts in Nairobi, on August 4, 2021, where he was, with others, charged with not properly wearing a facemask and fined Sh500.

Though based in England, Arsenal Football club is one of the most popular sporting outfits in Kenya

Besides Musila who was not properly wearing the mask even in court, about a dozen other people were charged with not practicing social distancing in matatus.

They were accused of boarding matatus which had a more than 60% capacity and fined between Sh1000 to Sh3000, or in default, service between one and three months in jail.

The passengers were arrested aboard matatus plying the Langata and Waiyaki Way routes.

Others were arrested at bus stages while not adhering to social distancing rules.

The variation in penalties differed depending on the circumstances of each case as per offenders’ mitigation.

Some of the passengers told senior principal magistrate Derrick Kutto that the matatus were in compliance with the regulations before leaving stages but conductors kept adding more passengers along the way.

These are among the rules the government has put in place to spread the spread of Covid-19.