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Nairobi flooded after minutes of downpour – PHOTOS

Nairobians were reminded on Tuesday afternoon of the city’s pathetic drainage system after roads flooded following less than an hour of downpour.

Kipande Road was the most affected, with motorists driving through flood waters to get to their destination.

In Westlands area, roads and parking lots were quickly flooded after the mid-afternoon rain that lasted about 50 minutes.

Ojijo Road was turned into a small river with motorists having to maneuver through flooded sections.

South C also experienced flooding. A video shared on social media showed flooded roads in the estate.

Sections of Thika Superhighway were turned into mini-swimming pools, with the drainage valves on the overpasses flooding parts of roads underneath.

Most flooding was reported within the first 30 minutes of rains that pounded the city.