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Nairobi Governor Sakaja whistles back at TikToker’s request for meeting

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja has responded positively to TikToker Priscilla wa Imani’s request for a meeting, which went viral on social media platforms.

In the TikTok video, Priscilla wa Imani is heard loudly expressing her interest in meeting the city boss.

“Priscilla wa Imani niko Nairobiii… Sakajaaaa… Sakaja weee… Priscilla wa Imani anakutafuta Sakaja weeee….,” the viral TikToker is heard saying amidst loud whistling.

Governor Sakaja replied with his own video, inviting her to City Hall.

“Priscilla wa Imani… whistling…. Unafanya nini Nyamakima? Toka.. Niko City Hall.”

The video has received 12.3 million likes and praise from Kenyans for the governor’s active engagement on social media.

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The request for a meeting followed a video posted by Priscilla wa Imani, in which she jokingly asked for bus fare from radio presenter Maina Kageni.

“Maina Kageni? Priscilla Waimani here at Nyamakima, fare has run out. Maina, please help with the fare,” Priscilla Wa Imani, who gained fame for her videos of whistling loudly at various locations, appealed to Kageni in the video.

The latter obliged and provided fare and lunch for the TikToker.

Kageni responded in a tweet saying: “Aisee Priscilla wa Imani, we have a date. Nimekutumia fare pamoja na lunch. Kuja tupatane flyover saa tisa on the dot.”

Priscilla wa Imani gained fame for her videos of whistling loudly at various locations and has previously unsuccessfully contested the MCA seat in Salama Ward.

Tiktoker Priscilla Waimani
Tiktoker Priscilla Waimani known for whistling. PHOTO| COURTESY

She refutes the notion that she worked as a makanga (tout), a trade known for its reliance on whistling. Instead, she shares that she started her career as a hawker in Laikipia County and is well-known in both Laikipia and Baringo markets.

She currently runs a shop near Laikipia University.

Priscilla also tried her hand in gospel music, with several hits such as “Omba”, “Kola Byona Byokola”, “Moyo Wangu”, “Kwanini”, and “Kibali”.

However, she found the music industry to be tough and challenging and eventually relegated it to a side hustle.

But with the arrival of TikTok, she sees it as an answered prayer. She says, “I tried hard but in vain to have my music given airplay. I never hawked my music because it is a very demanding enterprise … But all of a sudden, in comes TikTok and it is now a case of an answered prayer.”

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