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Nairobi hawker in court for ‘throwing rotten fruits at Kidero’


Wakulima Market chairman Cyrus Kagutha was on Friday arraigned at the City Hall court to answer to charges of disposing of rotten fruits on a public street.

Mr Kagutha is said to have committed the offence on September 26, 2016 as Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero was leaving the ODM rally in Mathare. Mr Kagutha pleaded guilty to the charge before Principal Magistrate S.N Muchungi.

The prosecution Mr Kagutha’s actions were likely to “cause pollution to environment and ill health to any person”.

However, he was not sentenced after the prosecutor Paul Nyamweya asked for more time to prepare exhibit as the man was arrested through a warrant.

Mr Nyameya said that the accused had not honoured court summons on Thursday therefore his file was not ready.

The Nairobi County Director of investigation Geoffrey Gathurima on phone said that the chairman will be charged on another criminal case after he incited traders on the same day to throw rotten fruits at the governor, who had tried to address them at the market, while atop his official vehicle.

Mr Gathurima said that 30 traders have been charged but the chairman and six people had escaped. He was arrested on Thursday and taken to Central police.

Mr Kagutha who was released on a cash bail of Sh4,000 and his case will be on Monday.