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Nairobi Hospital roped into woman’s failed breast enlargement surgery

Three plastic surgeons have moved to court to protest against the manner in which investigations into the death of a woman as a result of a botched breast enlargement operation is being conducted.

Prof Stanley Khainga, Dr Martin Ajujo and Dr Evans Cherono faulted the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) for excluding Nairobi Hospital together with Dr Reuben Okioma from the disciplinary proceedings over the death of Ms June Wanza.

The three surgeons accused the board of bias in the manner in which the investigation into Ms Wanza’s death is being conducted following a complaint lodged by her husband, Mr Joseph Mulupi.


“All indications are that KMPDB intends to lay blame on the trio since Nairobi Hospital and Dr Okioma have been exempted from the investigations, the fact that the deceased met her death while in their hands, notwithstanding,” said Prof Kiama Wangui, their lawyer.

The three argued that the move was discriminatory and that the committee conducting the investigation was constituted by the board with a sole intention of settling scores.

The disciplinary committee comprises Dr Nyaim Opot, a University of Nairobi lecturer in the Surgery Department, Mr Peter Munge, the board’s lawyer and Mr Mulupi’s advocate, Mr Jimmy Simiyu.

According to the three, Dr Opot is Prof Khainga’s colleague at the university and would likely have a biased decision since he had personal differences with him as well.


They also argued that all the three committee members are parties to a case in which Prof Khainga is the complainant against the board in a decision made by Dr Opot. They said there was no report from a plastic surgeon, which the committee could rely on in the investigation.

The surgeons said it is Dr Okioma, who injured Ms Wanza’s neck vessels and yet he has not been requested to record a statement. They further blamed the neck injury for her death.

The three said they initially treated and managed Ms Wanza at Surgeoderm healthcare before her admission to Nairobi Hospital. “Unless this court temporarily suspends the disciplinary proceedings, the committee will likely deliver a biased, conflicted and incompetent ruling against the three,” said Prof Wangui.