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Nairobi househelp dies in case of suspected ‘potato’ choking

Police have launched investigations into a shocking case where a woman was found dead by her employer in the living room.

The body of Lilian Muthoni 50, a house help, was found on her employer seated on the sofa while holding a cup of tea and her mouth had pieces of sweet potatoes that she was taking for breakfast.

Police said they were called to the house in Kamulu area, Nairobi, and informed there was a body at the scene and when they visited there they realized the woman had died a few hours earlier.

Police said they are yet to confirm if the woman died out of choking or was killed by something else.

They said their preliminary findings suggest she may have been choked by the food leading to her death.

The deceased leaves behind three children.

The body was moved to the mortuary where an autopsy is planned to confirm further the cause of the death.