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Nairobi Hustle: Chicken farmer who delivers lunch to CBD offices – VIDEO

Emily Ngare has mastered the art of rearing chicken and selling them both raw and cooked, her main target being the office workers who crave home cooked meals at affordable prices.

Ms Ngare is this week’s Nairobi Hustler and told us how her business was born after working as a sales manager for a chicken company.

The 25-year-old quit the job after gaining one year experience and with the little savings of Sh5, 000 she bought 50 chicks that saw her start Fraem Chicken in 2016.

Once the chicken matured she opened a shop in Uthiru where she would sell whole chicken and parts.

“When I opened the shop I had to train my mum how to tender for the chicken and then we would collaborate with other farmers as they deliver to City Market using butcher vans they would bring our supply as well,” Ms Ngare told Nairobi News.


The farming business grew to levels where she could now have surplus and that is how the cooking business started.

“I remember how when I was working it was so hard to get affordable lunch and so slowly I started introducing cooked chicken with ugali or rice and veggies that I sell at Sh150,” she said.

Ms Ngare’s menu features pork as well and although the cooking business is marred by challenges of having to deal with council askaris, she is determined to beat the odds.

“My advice to those fearing to quit employment and start their own business is that they should not fear. I read the book ‘Who moved my cheese‘ and that made me take the leap,” she says.

Her business decisions have been guided by her elder siblings. One of them is an accountant who taught her money handling skills. The other is a distributor who taught her how to handle supplies, customers and the four employees on her payroll.