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Nairobi Hustle: I left employment to start my business with zero capital

For Saini Harry, his fascination with phones saw him move from being employed by a tech company to opening a phone and accessories store.

Harry started with no capital but was driven by ambition to jump into entrepreneurship after months of being conflicted.

When he finally established Titanium Phones and Accessories, he could only afford to set up a space then started repairing smart phones.

It was his resilience and great customer care that saw him grow to actually stocking smartphones in his shop.

Most of his clientele contacted him based on their experience with him when he was employed.


“The clients I have are the same ones I interacted with during employment. I used to enjoy explaining to them about the products. It was something I enjoyed doing so I would watch YouTube videos every day and I was just not selling devices for a living,” Harry told Nairobi News Hustle.

Titanium offers custom made tech experience to ensure users have a great experience with their smartphones.

Harry and his team ensure before a customer buys a gadget they have enough information on the good and ugly of the make of the device.

“The idea of an attachment and someone who can be there for you in your tech journey is what people are looking for. A personal touch and someone who can answer all tech questions is what most people want and not just a shop where you can buy your phone,” Harry says.

Having run Titanium for just two years, Harry always asks for customer feedback and follows up to ensure every purchase brings a referral.

His advice to young entrepreneurs; “Your reluctance is what is holding you back so just jump off that clip and everything will be fine.”