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Nairobi lady narrates the craziest thing she has ever done for love 

In a recent TikTok video that has been making rounds on the internet, a young Kenyan lady has left Kenyans in stitches after she narrated her experience in love, sharing the craziest thing she has ever done for a man.

The video that saw many Kenyans confessing their craziest love experiences, led Miss Gathoni, as she is known by her social media handles to share her experience that in just a matter of hours went viral with the number of netizens believing her story being equal to the number of those that didn’t, claiming it was all made up for clout.

The young lady, who commands a robust Twitter following of 17.9K followers said that the craziest thing she had ever done for love was travel from Kenya all the way to Tanzania by bus to surprise her boyfriend of three months.

While opening up about the experience, Miss Gathoni said that her boyfriend had ghosted her during the period they were dating without giving her a reason as to why. In good faith, the lady who was head over heels with the Tanzanian man decided to pay her boyfriend a surprise visit just so they could reconcile and make nice with each other again.

“I was in love, I think this was like 6 years ago. I was in love with this Tanzanian guy we had met online but we had met severally but in the course of 3 months that we had dated he sort of ghosted me and I didn’t know why,” she narrated.

“So one day I came to learn that this guy had an event in Mwanza, he was an event organizer of big events. I didn’t have money for a flight, so I decided to take a bus and drive to Mwanza so that I can attend his event.

“I paid for the ticket and boarded the bus. 15 hours and counting, I got to Mwanza. I changed my money to Tanzanian currency and bought a Tanzanian line so that I could call him and let him know I was in the country. Imagine I had to introduce myself and tell him that I was there to support him for his event thinking that he was going to soften up.

“So the guy booked me a hotel room where I knew I would go rest and wait for him. I was extremely infatuated with this guy. I waited for the guy because the event was to start at around 7 pm. The guy comes later, says hi to me, and tells me we’ll meet at the show. When I got to the event, I sat with a friend of his and waited and waited while having wine.

“So I thought that maybe we would meet at an after party for the event and hang out, but heh, the guy says in Swahili to his friends ‘Wacha aende kichumbani ajitayarishe’, something like that. I was offended because I couldn’t understand why he would say that in front of his friends. His driver took me back to the hotel, and seeing that I was extremely exhausted because of the long travel, I slept. I thought that since we didn’t hang out overnight, we would have quality time the next day before heading back to Nairobi.”

After waiting for her boyfriend for a lengthy period of time, she went to inquire with one of the guy’s friends about his whereabouts, only to learn that he had gone to his beach hotel with his family. She tried to call him to no avail. She then decided to head back to Nairobi because her boyfriend had decided to ghost her, but because of the long wait, Miss Gathoni ended up missing her bus. 

She then texted the guy and told him that she had missed her bus requesting for fare back to Nairobi. The guy told her that he would pay for her flight ticket back and then disappeared once again.