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This is how Nairobi looks like after heavy rains

Most parts of Nairobi have been hit by floods following heavy rains that pounded the city on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Some residents in Nairobi woke up to floods on their doorsteps due to poor drainage systems in most city estates.

Early this week, the weatherman warned that central and Nairobi counties would experience onset of the rain the second to third week of October.

The heavy rains are being experienced in different parts of the country including in the North Western part of the country.

In a statement The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) issued a public advisory to all motorists and members of the public due to heavy rain also experienced within the North Western part of Kenya.

“The approaches to Kainuk Bridge, which serves as a crucial link between Marich Pass and Lokichar, along the Kitale – Lodwar – Nadapal Road, has been damaged and has therefore been restricted for use to all motorists and members of the public,” read part of the statement.

“Initially, only one side had been affected and traffic was able to pass using one side of the bridge since yesterday, but subsequent flooding has affected the embarkment walls of the bridge, thus rendering it unsafe for use. KeNHA advises all motorists to be patient as an urgent solution is being implemented to address the situation.”

Kenyans on Twitter expressed their frustrations concerning the floods.