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These ‘Nairobi-made’ dolls have broken the internet

A photo advertising dolls allegedly made in Nairobi has excited the online community after the seller posted them on a popular Facebook group.

The post by Anita Anne, which claimed that the dolls were made in Mukuru kwa Reuben, was met with a backlash as users faulted their design.

Admittedly, the dolls have huge eyes with no smiles.

City mothers commented that the dolls could potentially traumatize their children.

Agnes Njihia commented; “Maybe ninunue ya kuscare watoi kwa plot wasichezee karibu na kwangu especially when I want to take a nap! Naiweka tu hapo nje wote wanadisappear.”

Magdalene Muendo stated, “Wueh! Good job…but these can give a baby sleeplessness nights.”

Mwikali Wa Jimmy commented, “Noooooo…My baby will get nightmares….buy Kenya build Kenya doesn’t apply here.”

Alice Alison stated, “Hehe, mnauliza racism inatoka wapi, kama tungekuwa tumzungu ungeona kila mtu anataka.

MC Skolla Msanii commented, “We Africans are not as black and as ugly as that. Those dolls are meant to hurt our pride and self-esteem…..To show us that the white dolls are cuter.”

Ella Kish added, “Si mtoto wangu atashikwa na heart attack akiziona yawa. Si mngeeka macho size? And then you’ll start complaining eti we don’t like black dolls. Hmm macho zenyewe zinakaa headlights za Volkswagen combi zile za 1980s.”