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Nairobi man narrates how he accidentally entered a job interview via the window

By Winnie Mabel November 10th, 2022 2 min read

A Twitter thread on job interview gaffes left Kenyans in stitches, especially after the original poster revealed how someone had accidentally entered a job interview room via the window instead of the door.

@Porangi_ shared a screenshot of a conversation in which one person asked the other how his interview went, and the respondent revealed how he was left with egg on his face when the interviewing panel could barely contain their laughter.

“Their offices had large windows almost the same size as doors, so you couldn’t tell which was which. I entered the interview room and found myself behind the interviewers’ seats.

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I swear I almost killed them with laughter. I had entered the interview room via a window.

The interview didn’t even happen. One of them couldn’t even help looking at me. He left the room to go and die of laughter outside. I have suffered in this Nairobi, my friend. I’d rather just go back home to Malindi,” responded the unnamed interviewee.

Porangi was quick to laugh as he wondered how the person could enter an interview room through a window and wanted to know what exactly he had ‘smoked’ to confuse him that much.

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As his tweeps joined him in raucous laughter, others also revealed how they goofed in their interviews, adding to the laughter that dotted Porangi’s thread.

“There is a day I went for an interview. Upon entering the room, I decided to twist the chair and it lifted up. I tried lowering it back to the normal range but the hydraulic refused to move back down. I had an ariel view of the interviewers and they resorted to calling for security ro escort me outside,” said Brian Kelly.

“I once asked for permission from the job where I had been working to go for an interview in another place though I had lied I was traveling.

Upon entering the interview room, I found my boss in the panel; I hadn’t known he would be among them. Our eyes locked, and I was told to have a sit. I told them that I disqualified myself and I left that interview room,” added Ian Krm.

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