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Nairobi MCAs blast Raila for attacks on Ruto

Nairobi County MCAs have blasted ODM leader Raila Odinga for his attacks on Deputy President William Ruto.

The ward representatives allied to Jubilee party, led by Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu, termed the recent attack on DP Ruto by the former premier as ‘uncalled for, immature and utterly insensitive’.

They demanded that Mr Odinga shows respect to Mr Ruto.

“We want to register our displeasure in the manner in which the Opposition led by Raila Odinga is insulting, disrespecting and casting aspersions against Dr William Ruto.

“It is utterly insensitive and immature considering that the DP has maintained decorum in response to the allegations being made against him and the Jubilee party,” said Mr Kiragu during a press conference at City Hall on Friday.

He claimed the attacks are witch hunts that will not be tolerated by Nairobi Jubilee MCAs.


“We are treading on very dangerous grounds especially with the attacks on the DP,” he said.

On Wednesday, during the sixth Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga County, Mr Odinga claimed that it was curious that DP Ruto had all figures on the controversial dam projects in the Rift Valley where over Sh20 billion is claimed to have been lost.

The MCAs defended their deputy party leader saying that he also an obligation and mandate to understand and articulate government projects as well as defend the Jubilee party’s manifesto.

“It is common sense, mature and fair for anybody who has information on suspected or confirmed corruption allegations to forward the same to the investigative arms of the government, ” he said.

On her part, nominated MCA Leah Naikane affirmed that they are fully behind President Uhuru Kenyatta’s war against corruption as well as in support of the handshake .

“We are all against corruption that is why we want to highly condemn these attacks. Let the various investigative agencies do their work,” she said.

The City MCAs also alleged that the attacks on Ruto by the Opposition is part of a well calculated scheme aimed at tearing apart Jubilee party.

As a result, they called on party members to maintain unity faulting colleagues who have been at the fore front in cheering the ongoing tiff.

“There were Jubilee governors, MPs, senators in that forum but none dared to say anything on the attacks. But in the fullness of time we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.

“If this trend is left unchecked, we will not have a party in the future,” added the MCA.