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Nairobi MCAs now rally behind embattled Sonko

Members of Nairobi County Assembly have said that they have no plans of impeaching Governor Mike Sonko, asking a section of National Government officials to stop meddling with his administration.

This comes after Jubilee Party vice chairman David Murathe on Thursday claimed that there were plans to impeach Governor Sonko due to his administration’s poor performance.

The MCAs, drawn from both ODM and Jubilee parties, defended Sonko’s leadership asking for him to be given time to serve the residents of Nairobi.

Majority Leader Abdi Guyo said that Nairobi Assembly is capable of doing an oversight over the executive wing of the county and therefore there was no need for outside interference in the running of the capital city.

“Our stand is clear and nobody should speak for us. The governor should be given time to work. You cannot expect a city which has been run down for the past 30 years to be repaired in just eight months.


“We want to ask officials from the national government to give Sonko time to do his work and stop meddling in his work,” said Mr Guyo.

He asked for Sonko to be given time to discharge his duties and let Nairobi people judge him after five years as it is not possible to transform a city like Nairobi within eight months only.

“It is not possible and cannot be possible unless you are malicious. Let us give him time,” he said.

The Matopeni Ward MCA’s assertions were supported by the Majority Whip Mr Chege Mwaura who said that they have no intentions or motivations to impeach Governor Sonko, adding that they are in solidarity with the governor and are supporting his plans to solve the problems in Nairobi.

The Ngara Ward MCA stated that the procedure for the removal of a governor is clearly stated in the County Governments Act article 33 and article 131 of the Constitution where grounds for such an action have been outlined, adding that Governor Sonko has not violated any provision of the two articles.

“And as such we have not seen any reasons up to now of having to remove or purporting to try to remove him,” said Mr Mwaura.


Mr Guyo explained that their opposition to Sonko’s nomination of fiery lawyer Dr Miguna Miguna for consideration for the vacant deputy governor seat should not be misconstrued as an opposition to the City Hall boss.

“We still stand with what we said yesterday. As a House, we are not going to support the nomination of Miguna Miguna but that does not say in any way that we are impeaching or planning to do so,” he said.

He explained that article 78(2) of the Constitution does not allow anyone with dual citizenship to be a state officer and Political Parties Act also does not allow anyone who is not a member of the same party as the governor to be nominated.

Baba Dogo MCA Geoffrey Majiwa said that the matter of impeachment can only be transacted by the County Assembly through the MCAs who are the impeaching organs who will sit down and make the decision.

“He needs time to understand City Hall operations before he starts putting down his foot properly. He remains so until the assembly decides to impeach him on valid grounds but until then, he remains the governor,” said Mr Majiwa.