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Nairobi Men installing spy software on Valentine’s phone gifts

Would you want to know what messages your partner or employees are receiving on their phones?

If your answer is yes, then relax – because the technology is available in Nairobi. Oh, and it’s undetectable, costing just a few thousands of shillings.

A company in Nairobi has been receiving innumerable clients to install the undetectable spy software on phones they plan to give out as gifts on Saturday.

And its men who are the most curious lot, according to statistics availed by the company, Juju Spy.

Irene Wafula who works at Juju Spy told Nairobi News that so far there have been a lot of inquiries and up to 40 people clients have installed the software in the last two weeks.


“All one needs is to bring us an Android phone without the SIM card and in a few minutes the software will be installed,” she said.

For monitoring of text messages, the company charges Sh15, 000 and the software is renewable after three months.

A package that will allow the client to monitor phone calls, Whatsapp messages, e-mails, Face book activity, location and text messages will cost Sh30, 000 and also runs for three months.

After the three months, the client can pay for the software to be renewed at the same cost for another quarter.

Juju spy is a unique service recently introduced to the Kenyan market and is slowly gaining popularity especially among men, who want to bust cheating spouses.