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Nairobi mother desperate to find missing diabetic four-year-old son

A mother in Pangani, Nairobi, is pleading for help in tracing his diabetic four-year-old son who went missing on Friday evening.

Ms Emily Kananu fears that the health of Fabian Murethi, her second born, will deteriorate if he takes too long without taking his insulin, which she administers to him twice a day.

The last time she saw Fabian was around 4.45 pm on Friday as she was leaving to Burma market to buy meat for sale at her food kiosk along Chai Road.

Unknown to her, Fabian who was at that time playing with his 11-year-old brother and other friends soon followed her, and she suspects he could have lost his way at or near Eastleigh.

“There is a man who sells onions near where I live. I asked him if he saw the child leave because I had locked the gate. He told me the kid left as soon as I left,” Ms Kananu told Nairobi News.

“He left saying he is going to Burma ‘where mum is’. I can’t tell if he moved along the road because if he crossed Eastleigh, it could be impossible for him to trace his way back.”

Ms Kananu, 31, spent her Saturday morning combing the area around Chai Road but so far she has not been lucky.


“I have followed that road and I have gone to Ushirika and Eastleigh looking for him and making reports. But I haven’t got any information. I went to Pangani police station to enquire but there is nothing I’ve got,” she said, tears welling in her eyes.

Fabian is a pre-unit pupil at St Polycarp Parish in Pangani’s Juja Estate.

He had been battling with diabetes since he was two years old. Due to that, he needs insulin doses every morning and evening.

“His blood sugar is mostly high, sometimes medium… It’s only bad if he doesn’t take medication,” Ms Kananu said, adding that if the boy goes without insulin, he has frequent short calls and drinks lots of water.

She asking anyone with leads that may enable her locate the boy to contact the police.

“In case you get him, please take him to Pangani (police station). That’s the nearest I can get him,” she said.

Ms Kananu’s contact is 0723023594.