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This is why all Nairobi motorists need a dash cam

A Nairobi motorist’s dash cam saved the day after his car was dented by a metal bar that fell from an oncoming lorry.

The metal bar fell from the lorry and pierced through the car’s front bumper.

The radiator and exhaust were damaged during the incident.

A dash cam on the saloon car caught all the action making it impossible for the lorry owner to escape liability.

This even as the lorry driver had already fled the scene.  Footage from the dash cam however captured the lorry’s registration number.

A screenshot from the dash cam video showing the moment the metal bar fell and the extent of the damage was shared online to encourage motorists to invest in the gadget.

Here is the response from netizens.

@vslow685s commented; “Luckily that foreign object didn’t harm any occupants!”

@DrKanyuira replied; “But I hope insurance sorts him out.”

@kinuthia_be added; “My first thought was how lucky he was that it didn’t go through the windscreen.

“Dashcams are a worthy investment. Where would you get one?” asked another.

@the_nairobian wrote; “Good stuff. Are these dash cams vidz admissible against claims?”