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Nairobi online shop attendant wins Betnare Jackpot bonus

Twenty-six-year-old Brian Gitau is the winner of the BetNare Daily Jackpot Bonus after he correctly predicted 10 out of 11 games.

Gitau who runs and online shoe shop is a resident of Roysambu in the outskirts of Nairobi County,

He said his victory was a stroke of luck as he did not analyze any of the matches but made a random pick.

“I tried my luck and I would urge others who bet to try their luck in the BetNare jackpot. I tried my luck and here I am Ksh 70,000 richer,” he said, adding that his focus is now to win the Ksh 500,000 jackpot.

Gitau said he will use the money to boost his shoe business and plans to open up a physical store to attract more clients.

Allan Ongeri, the BetNare Gaming Lead congratulated Gitau as he handed him the cheque at their offices in Nairobi.

Speaking to the media, BetNare’s Gaming lead Ongeri that their Jackpot is still up and clients can enjoy Bonuses on 10 out of 11 Correct Predictions and a guaranteed KSH 1000 for 9/11 predictions for all winners who get 0/11 they are guaranteed a Free entry to the next Jackpot.

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