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Nairobi ranked among the world’s best cities

Nairobi has been ranked the third best city in the world after Paris, France and Isfahan, Iran.

British travel guide Rough Guide described the city as “Africa’s youngest, fastest-growing metropolis and the beating heart of the continent’s largest economy.”

The ranking was published on featuring top 10 tourists’ destination cities among them Bristol, Antwerp, Medellín, Atlanta, Osaka, Guadalajara and Palma.

“Style blogs, artist collectives and innovative young designers are challenging the often narrow expectations of what African art and culture are supposed to look like. Skip Nairobi now and you’re missing out, big time,” wrote

The travel guide site also uploaded a two-minute video of Nairobi’s beautiful skyline.

This despite the city residents decrying increased garbage, sewerage and water problems.

Nairobi county secretary Robert Ayisi last week praised the efforts that the county had made to ensure the city is clean over the festive season.

He said streets had been cleaned up and there was no uncollected garbage or illegal dumping sites as had been the case previously.

Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company on its part announced a major water rationing to start this month blaming low rains that left low levels in the reservoirs.

Raw sewage is still visible in some parts of the CBD despite the county governor Evans Kidero stating that he had instructed his officers to take action.