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Nairobi restaurant makes record-breaking pizza

A Nairobi restaurant has launched the biggest pizza in the region, in an attempt to break the record set by Uganda earlier this year.

The 109 by 109 square centimetre pizza was created by Heavenly Foods restaurant along Tom Mboya street.

It was made by a five-chef team, and was made up of six unique and different flavours: lamb, mint and spinach, pulled beef and beetroot, grilled choma sausage and pineapple, carribean feel, roast chicken and peppers and heavenly margarita, which is mostly tomatoes and basil.

According to Andrew Kiguru, one of the chefs behind the giant pizza, the idea behind it was to make a meal that was large enough to be shared by family and even strangers.

This pizza will create a Sh8,500 dent in your wallet if you want to buy it.

A whopping 6kg of flour was needed for the dough while another six kilogrammes of cheese was used.