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Nairobi roads to avoid on Sunday during First Lady Half Marathon

Several sections of key roads within and around Nairobi’s CBD will be closed to motor vehicle traffic on Sunday during the First Lady’s Half Marathon.

Nine major roads in the city will be affected and will be closed from midnight till the better part of the afternoon with the race set to start at 6.30am.

Motorists and other road users have as result been advised to use alternative roads for the duration of the event.

Roads that will be closed for the event are Mombasa Road, Lusaka Road-Mombasa Road Junction to the City Stadium, Aerodrome Road, Bunyala Road-Mombasa Road Junction to Uniliver Kenya and Haille Selassie Roundabout (at August 7th Memorial Park).


Kenyatta Avenue, University Way, Waiyaki Way and Museum Hill-Waiyaki Way Junction-Ojijo Road/Kipande Road junction will also be closed.

Launched in January 2014 by Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, proceeds of the race go towards the Beyond Zero initiate which seeks reduce preventable maternal and childhood deaths.

The campaign also seeks to raise funds to increase access to better health care through provision of mobile clinics to less fortunate Kenyans.

This year’s race will also feature intellectually and visually impaired competitors.

The elite athletes’ race has also been incorporated in accordance with the international standards for 21km and 10 km road races.