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Nairobi roads to be diverted for Mater Heart Run

The annual Mater Heart Run will take place in Nairobi on Saturday and below are the changes expected in traffic;

1. Mbagathi Roundabout – Motorists on Langata road with be diverted to access Lusaka roundabout on a single carriage way. They will also be able to access the city centre or other areas through Lusaka Road.

2. Uhuru highway – Motorists on Mombasa road will be diverted at Lusaka roundabout to access city centre through Lusaka road or through Uhuru Highway on the wrong side up to the Uhuru/Haileselasie round about. Access to Langata road will be made through Mbagathi way.

3. City Mortuary – Motorists on Ngong road intending to access city centre through Haileselasie/Uhuru highway roundabout will be diverted to use Valley road or Mbagathi way wrong side.

4. Haileselassie roundabout – Motorists from railways roundabout intending to use Ngong road and other roads within that vicinity will be diverted to access it through Nyayo House roundabout.

5. Bunyala roundabout – Vehicles accessing the city centre or elsewhere will use Uhuru Highway wrong side. Upper hill to Bunyala roundabout will be totally closed.

6. Aedrome road -This will be totally closed.

7. City mortuary roundabout also known as the Mbagathi/Langata roundabout – Motorists on Valley and Ngong roads will access the road about on wrong side.