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Nairobi set to be hit by water shortage next month

By LILLIAN MUTAVI December 26th, 2016 2 min read

Nairobi residents have been forewarned to brace themselves for water shortage from January 1, 2017 as a result of failed rains.

This comes after the short rains fell below the expected level in the light of the meteorological department updates.

Speaking at the Nairobi Water headquarters, the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company Managing Director Philip Gichuki said that they expected the dams to fill during the short rains but only 250mm of rain have been received since October to date.

Eng Gichuki said as a result of the dams have not replenished due to lack of run off water.

He added that the main supply of water in Nairobi being Ndakaini dam is only 48 per cent full hence the need to start water rationing.

According to Eng Gichuki, Ndakaini dam and Chania River which supply 85 percent of the water in Nairobi currently hold 33 million cubic meters of water compared to its capacity of 70million cubic meters.


River Chania was also affected as the catchment area did not get enough rain this year hence the amount of water in the river is limited.

“This requires us to have some measures that will at least enable us to sustain supply of water up to March, April or May when we expect the long rain,” said Mr Gichuki.

He said that if it doesn’t rain within the next few days the water rationing will take effect with city residents likely to go without water for one day every week.

The company will reduce water production in Nairobi by 13 percent in a bid to maintain water supply in the city up to April next year.

Mr Gichuki urged residents to partner with them during this period of water shortage by reducing the water consumption for non-essential use like car washing and watering of flowers.


“Those who wash their cars on a daily basis should reduce to once a week and cleaning of homes should also be reduced. Irrigation of lawns should be stopped if they use tap water,” said Eng Gichuki.

He also called upon residents to report any water leakages for repair in a bid to save the little water available.

The Nairobi Water company will also crack down on car wash business in the city in a bid to use the water for essential services.

The Nairobi Company gets some of its water supply from Thika dam, Sasumua dam, Ruiru dam and Kikuyu springs.

Sasumua dam catchment, which gets its supply from Arberdare ranges and contributes 11 percent of the water consumed in Nairobi, is 80 percent full. Kikuyu springs is however operating normally as it still giving its capacity of 6,000 cubic.