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Nairobi sex worker has last laugh after two men refused to pay for her services

A video has emerged showing the moment an enraged female commercial sex worker smashed window screens of a car belonging to a client who refused to pay for her services.

The incident happened near Jeevanjee Grounds in Nairobi but it is not known when the video was taken.

It shows a visibly drunk, half naked woman emerging from a nearby hotel shouting that the man had refused to pay up.

“(Expletive) bure?” wonders the woman as she picks a huge rock.

She then uses it to smash the window screen of the car, a Toyota Noah that was parked nearby.

With her trousers still pulled down, the woman, who at some point shows the bystanders her privates, then picks another rock and smashes the other window screen before she is prevailed upon by the onlookers to be content with the damage already caused.

The video has been shared widely on social media.

As the video winds down, the woman is heard saying that in fact she had serviced two men who refused to pay up.

The Nairobi News cannot publish the video because of ethical reasons.