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Nairobi single women dread this big question ahead of Christmas

A Nairobi woman has excited Facebook users with her biggest concern as she plans to travel home for the festive season.

The distressed woman seemingly expressed the general distress of single women in the city as they prepare to meet their parents in the festive season, if the responses she elicited is anything to go by.

The Facebook user posted how she was not looking forward to her trip home next week where she expects her family to prode her on her husband-to-be, yet she is still single.

Her post on the popular Kilimani Mums Nairobi Uncensored page stated; “Its exactly 5 days b4 i go to the village to explain why I don`t have a husband.”


The post elicited mixed reactions from other women, some resonating with the concern.

One user stated; “Hahaha you are not alone.”

Another lamented; “And some of us to explain why we haven’t added another kid since firstborns are already grown especially from the inlaws I need answers to give them mtu asiwahi niuliza hiyo swali tena.”

A user added; “mimi siku hizi nimekuwa nikitoroka my uncles coz every time they see me,swali ni ,”pombe yako tutakunywa lini,umeikalisha sana“.”

Another one stated; “uuuiiii. They dont ask me nowadays walichoka sasa ni kuhesabiwa wale wasichana wamezaa huko kijijini out of wedlock as an indirect way of asking me kwani mimi nitazaa lini?

One user commented; “Hehehehe Mimi wameuliza wakachoka,niliwambia waulize MUNGU”

Another added; “Hahahahaaaaa others will offer themselves to look for a man for you. They ask you with solutions at hand.”

One user had a solution; “Tel them next early next year utapeleka mtu n with that u will be at peace n enjoy ua holidays.”