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Nairobi touts comment on relationship with ‘stubborn’ passengers

On May 27, 2033, a video emerged online of a female passenger being thrown out of a public service vehicle (PSV) for allegedly refusing to pay for the transport.

In the viral video, a tout is seen forcibly removing the woman from the bus as a uniformed policeman watches.

The victim however is heard maintaining that she has paid her fare as stipulated.

Besides throwing out the victim in a forceful manner, the tout is seen also throwing her bag outside the vehicle.

“I cannot have you in this bus. We cannot stomach such an attitude in this vehicle,” the tout is heard saying even as the lady pleads her innoence.

The video attracted the attention of the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) which requested the public for the vehicle’s registration number.

However, in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, two touts have shared their views over the uproar saying that there are several challenges facing them as they do their job.

John Omondi a tout says some passengers are a hard nut to crack.

“Sometimes passengers can be very difficult. Some don’t respect our job. They treat us as trash. Not to forget, we at times loudly announce the fare prices but some deliberately refuse to pay,” Omondi told Nairobi News.

He laments that it is time passengers be considerate and appreciate the work of conductors.

“Some passengers intentionally make us angry and then accuse us of being rude,” he added.

Michael Ouma another Nairobi based tout also says passengers should support their work.

“There are some passengers who are just annoying. Sometimes we announce that we don’t accept mobile money yet you find one boarding the vehicle and defying those rules. This may make us react negatively too. They have to know that we are in business and that we are here to make money. We also hate causing drama,” said Ouma.

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