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Nairobi traders discuss riot insurance ahead of Azimio’s Monday demo

A section of Kenyan traders began discussing terrorism and political violence insurance covers in their online circles ahead of the Monday demonstration set to be led by the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance coalition in Nairobi County.

These insurance discussions were based on the presumption that chaos would rock Azimio’s opposition demonstrations set to take on Monday, March 20, 2023, a day which Raila Odinga declared a ‘public holiday’ in the name of Azimio.

As has been the case in several other demos held over the past years, especially during former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s first term in office. In some of these demos, destruction of property was witnessed and one or two deaths were reported as opposition supporters engaged law enforcement in running battles.

In the viral insurance cover conversations, messages of what terrorism and political violence (PVT) insurance is took centre stage.

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PVT insurance covers an individual or company against physical loss and damage, a s well as business interruption costs due to a terrorist act or acts of political violence.

Other reasons businesses take out PVT insurance covers include civil war, insurrection, sabotage and malicious damage.

These covers insure businesses and their assets amid threats posed by acts of violence motivated by political or terrorism forces.

However, PVT insurance covers do not cover losses arising from nuclear, chemical, biological or radiological attacks. Additionally, losses incurred by confiscation, nationalization or any result of any order of public or government authority which deprives the insured businesses will not be covered.

Many insurance companies offering PVT insurance do not cover loss or damage electronically, including cyber-attacks and business interruption through hoaxes.

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Azimio La Umoja intends to lead Kenyans onto the streets to demonstrate against the high cost of living which continues rising despite President William Ruto promising during his campaigns that he would tackle this within his first 100 days in office.

Azimio, however, said that their demonstrations would be peaceful as they called on friends of Kenya worldwide to not interfere with Kenya’s problems but let Kenyans deal with them themselves.

Majorly, Azimio is agitating for lowering maize meal flour prices instead of the gas prices that President Ruto said would retail for Sh 300 and every household would have access to it within the coming months.

Currently, a packet of 2 kilograms of maize meal flour retails at an all-time high of Sh 220 in some supermarkets but Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi assured Kenyans that the price might drop down to Sh 120 after six months.

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