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Nairobi Uber partners on a go-slow to protest decreased prices

Online taxi firm Uber’s move to cut prices by nearly half has led to a go slow by some their partners and drivers in the city.

According to one of the partners whose car has been with the firm for three months, decreased prices took effect on Thursday drastically reducing the total net earnings by half.

The partner, who spoke to Nairobi News on condition of anonymity, added that the move increased the number of rides done per car but the earnings dwindled due to the cost of operation.

“Yesterday, I did more rides to get to my average daily earnings but unfortunately half of the amount went to fueling the car which is not usually the case under the previous rates,” the partner said.

The move has seen some of the partners and drivers withdraw their cars to protest the decrease in prices.


This even as Nairobians celebrated the news as rides now cost less than all other taxi firms operating in the city.

“We were not consulted on the move to reduce the prices and how it was going to affect our business. Being the people on the road we see this as unfair since we already have been struggling to meet the costs of operation,” said the Uber partner.

In some routes the partner added that the reduction is more than the 35 per cent announced on Thursday.

“Uber continues to take 25 per cent of the fares despite the low prices and I’m afraid that in the long run the cost of wear and tear will be unbearable because of the many rides I have to do and the little money I make out of them,” added the partner.

The firm had on Thursday guaranteed its drivers an indemnity of between Sh500 and Sh450 minimum for every peak and off-peak hour respectively that they fail to get ride requests when their Uber gadgets are online.

“There are many factors that they’ll consider before paying out the amount and seeing the rides have increased then we won’t have an hour of no rides requests hence the indemnity is of no value,” an Uber partner said.