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Nairobi UDA MCAs warn Malala over interference in Assembly affairs

A section of Nairobi-based Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) allied to the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) are engaged in a war of words following remarks made by their Umoja1 colleague Mark Mugambi.

The members claim Mr Mugambi recently used disparaging words directed at the Special-Elect or nominated members in the Assembly and have asked President William Ruto, who is the party leader to take action.

They have also threatened legal action against Mr Mugambi.

Speaking to the media at City Hall, Deputy Minority Whip Joyce Muthoni accused Mr Mugambi of reckless utterances against the special-elected members.

They also urged him to respect all the members and treat them equally.

“We have been abused by other members in this assembly…we have evidence including messages and we are planning to go to court about the same issue,” Ms Muthoni said.

However, in his response, Mr Mugambi dismissed the allegations, saying that his words were not targeting any UDA MCA in Nairobi.

He also accused his colleagues of seeking attention.

The war of words comes at a time the political party disciplinary tribunal is expected to make a ruling regarding the Minority Leadership position in the assembly, after a majority of the members ousted Anthony Kiragu as the Minority Leader together with Mark Mugambi.

The duo was however reinstated by a court order.

During the address, the MCAs also warned UDA secretary-general Cleophas Malala from meddling in Nairobi County matters, reiterating how Malala has allegedly been mentioned in various County Assemblies that have in the recent past been seen to have wrangles.

Deputy Minority Leader Esther Waithera Chege, who represents Nairobi South Ward claimed that Mr Malala was attempting to sabotage the ongoing dispute resolution which is being handed by the party chaperon Governor Cecily Mbarire.

“We are saying that Malala must keep off Nairobi politics. We are saying that Malala must withdraw his sentiments about how to manage Nairobi County Assembly,” Ms Waithera said.

She claimed the move from the party secretary-general seeking to interfere with the resolution process is a clear indication that he lacks the quality of leadership.

“You cannot keep on moving from house to house with a bowl and those who don’t have anything to put into your bowl are rejected. We have consolidated our evidence against the SG and we have agreed that we won’t allow him to intimidate any member through calls or otherwise.”

The MCAs are on record saying that they have the evidence to show that Mr Malala has been partisan and has interfered in the running of Nairobi County.

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