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Why Nairobi Water is demanding closure of all car wash outlets

By LILIAN MUTAVI January 13th, 2017 2 min read

Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company has ordered the closure of all car wash outlets as city residents grapple with the ongoing water shortage.

In a statement, the company’s managing director Philip Gichuki said that the company will crackdown on the businesses and those culpable will face the full force of the law.

“Due to the current status on water rationing schedule, coupled with the meteorological department’s reports that are in public domain, the Nairobi Water Company orders all the unstructured roadside car wash business to close shop forthwith. Stringent measures will be taken on those who contravene this order,” read the statement in part.

Speaking to Nation, the Corporate Affairs Manager Mbaruku Vyakweli said that this would affect all car wash businesses in the city including those at the petrol stations.


“We are closing all the car wash businesses in the city until normalcy is restored as we are having very little water to spare for domestic use. This is aimed at water conservation during this period,”said Mr Vyakweli.

Meanwhile, the Water and Irrigation Cabinet Secretary, Eugene Wamalwa, has appealed to Nairobi residents to use water sparingly and prudently during the ongoing water rationing.

In a statement, the CS also warned cartels to stop charging exorbitant prices saying they risk dire consequences when exposed.

“My appeal to all Kenyans is that they should not waste even one drop of water and must recycle water where applicable as the rains are expected sometime in April this year. Each and every one of us must use water  responsibly,” said Wamalwa.


Mr Wamalwa said some of the measures that the government is taking to ensure there is enough water include the construction of the Northern Collector Tunnel in Muranga, which is currently at 20 per cent completion status and the construction of Etare Dam in Nakuru.

He said other dams were being constructed in Baringo, Turkana, Pokot, Kisumu Counties in a bid to improve water storage and harvesting capacity.

At the same time, Nairobi County Water and Natural Resources Executive Peter Kimori assured Nairobi residents that water services to vital institutions like airports and hospitals would continue uninterrupted even during the water rationing period.

“We have also proposed for 40 additional boreholes to be drilled in Nairobi at an estimated cost of Sh 200 million to curb water shortages,” he said.