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Nairobi Water to spend Sh1 billion to fill up pit latrines in city slums

The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company has started a project that will phase out pit latrines in the slums at a cost of Sh1 billion.

The project funded by the World Bank seeks to convert the existing pit latrines and the septic tanks to conventional pour-flush toilets.

Speaking to Nation, the company chairman Raphael Nzomo said the project which began in February will see all pit latrine filled up and new conventional waste ablution blocks constructed with flushing water and a shower.

“We have seen that most slum dwellers use communal pit latrines which are sometimes unhygienic and we need to give them proper sanitation facilities with adequate quality,” said Mr Nzomo.

The project is set to benefit 12 informal areas in Nairobi including Kayole Soweto, Riverbank, Matopeni, Mukuru/Makongeni and Mathare, among others.

Some 17,226 households will be connected to the sewer network and 6,438 new water connections will be developed

The project will be completed within 17 months.