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Nairobi woman attracts unwanted attention with semi-nude photo

Yet another user on WhatsApp has startled Nairobians after sharing a semi-nude photo on the wrong forum.

The user, whose username is displayed as Sharice, posted a message meant to entice a lover to rush home to her after work on a group and on realizing the mistake she quickly left the group.

In a way similar to that of the infamous Bro Ocholla, who posted some not so scripture words on a prayer group platform, Sharice had to leave the group but not before screenshots of the post had been shared by other users.


And after the screenshots were shared the user was subjected to numerous phone calls and text messages from smitten suitors.

Sharice shared screenshots of missed calls and messages on her Instagram account after the ordeal as her number had been circulated widely in the erroneous conversation.

She has since privatized her Instagram account and deactivated her Facebook profile.

WhatsApp has in the past upgraded its functions adding features like encryption and bolding but has never provided a feature to edit or delete posts.