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Nairobi woman offers a sparkling Valentine’s Day body cleaning services

By Sammy Waweru February 7th, 2023 2 min read

A Nairobi-based businesswoman, Winny Nyams, is generating buzz on social media with her latest promotion.

She and her business partner offer body cleaning and make-up services to help clients look their best on Valentine’s Day.

The services come at a cost, with a registration fee of Sh500 and a fee of Sh2,500 per person.

Winny announced on her Facebook page, including a photo of a man being washed in a blue basin. She also highlighted her partner Susan, who provides house cleaning services such as wiping surfaces, washing windows, and arranging clothes.

“Niukwenda guthambio na Valentine? Guthambio ugathera guthera, ukanyoroka, na uhakwo maguta ma nathi,” she wrote in Kikuyu language, loosely translated as “Are you looking for unique body cleaning services, and we apply wild goose berry oils on you?”

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Winny Nyams, a businesswoman.
Winny Nyams, a businesswoman. PHOTO| COURTESY

Winny’s post has received a mix of reactions, with some of her followers finding humour in the services offered. Despite the playful comments, Winny emphasizes that clients will be attended to based on their willingness.

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The registration fee of Sh500 covers the necessary requirements for the services offered.

The post has since elicited varied reactions, with some of her followers making fun of her services.

Lynn Nimmo comically insisted she will try out the services on condition she will be allowed to stand.

Winny responded, saying a client is served based on his or her willingness.

“Kaai mundu aragithambirio nja ta nduthi, (You mean clients are attended to in public like a motorbike)?” Nyuki Arap Bee Hashtag inquired.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people are becoming more creative in attracting attention and followers online. Winny’s body cleaning and make-up services offer a unique and refreshing approach to celebrating the special day.

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