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What Nairobi woman really wants this Valentine’s Day

The Nairobi man is all set to splurge on his woman this Valentine’s Day. What you are planning to spend on might not be what she truly wants this Valentine’s Day.

The truth is that what she really wants is probably simpler and less expensive. Here’s a look into things that you could use to warm your way into her heart this Valentine’s Day;

1. Your time – Note, giving her your time doesn’t equate to spending money on her. If you spend Valentine’s Day with her, the message you are sending her is that you prioritized her because she is important. If you decide to spend the day with her, do not do it grudgingly.

2. Public declarations of love – This doesn’t have to a grand gesture of love that involves hiring a jet to take her to some hill in Central Kenya. It could be as small as overhearing you telling a third party how lucky you are that she is in your life. It could be you not feeling embarrassed to walk around town holding a bouquet of flowers.

3. A constant reminder of your love – You could choose to blow a fortune on a dinner or you could opt to get her an engraved ring or bracelet. The latter will remind her every day of the love that you feel for her while the former is enjoyed then fast forgotten.

4. To come home to a clean house – There is nothing that feels better for a woman than coming home to a clean house after a long day. If you are planning on taking your woman out on Valentine’s Day, how about making arrangements so that when she finally gets back to the house, it is sparkling clean?

5. Help – Your woman probably doesn’t need you to buy her expensive chocolate on Valentine’s Day, she wants you to give her a hand around the house. If you have children, let her rest on that day. Give her a day where there are no kids, no errands, just you and her.

6. A dinner of your own creation – If your woman hasn’t yet enjoyed a five star dining experience, then this is what she may be looking forward to this Valentine’s Day. If she has eaten out before, she probably wants you to cook dinner for her. Every man has one meal they make excellently. Prepare it for her.

7. Every day jewelry – If you are going to be gifting your woman jewelry this Valentines Day, then you need to know that she would really love it if you get her something that she can wear every day. Something that is as useful and practical as it is beautiful. Think of pretty, delicate styles.

8. Intimacy that isn’t necessarily sexual – Nothing says I love you to a woman than a man spending intimate time with her without the expectation of sex. Even if you have been together for years, this reminds her that you chose her, for who she is.